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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Dear sdk developers,


During our development, more and more components are joining our sdk. It is necessary for the component sections recorded in yml data to follow a simple and effective naming convention, so that they can be well organized, identified and processed.

Here we provide the doc of Yml Data Record Component Naming Conventions, please kindly review and follow the rules in your future development.


A pull request is created to fix some nonstandard namings in our current yml records which are stored in mainline

Briefly, in this pull request, these modifications of the middleware naming have been made:

1. middleware.amazon_freertos.freertos => middleware.amazon_freertos, and middleware.amazon_freertos.aws_iot => middleware.amazon_freertos_aws_iot

2. middleware.tfm_s => middleware.tfm.s, middleware.tfm_ns => middleware.tfm.ns

3. middleware.mmcau_cm4_cm7 => middleware.mmcau.cm4_cm7, and middleware.mmcau_cm0p => middleware.mmcau.cm0p

4. middleware.tcpip.lwip => middleware.tcpip_lwip

5. middleware.usb.pd => middleware.usb_pd

6. middleware. template_application .<main-category> => middleware.<main-category>.template_application

For those whose components are affected, please kindly review and give your comments if necessary: PULL REQUEST.

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