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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

New features update:

  •  SDKGEN-865Support IAR compiler optimization strategy flag for library projects

        Compiler Optimization flags are supported for IAR application and library projects:

        1. -On / -Ol / -Om / -Oh / -Oh -Ssize / -Oh -Sspeed / -Oh -Sbalance / --no_size_contraints


         2. Enabled transformations checkbox items in Optimization tab are enabled by default, each item could be disabled by adding cx-flags settings in yml:

             --no_cse / --no_unroll / --no_inline / --no_code_motion / --no_tbaa / --no_clustering / --no_scheduling

             Note: Vectorization setting is to enhance DSP performance for Arm Cortex-A NEON units, not supported now.

  •  SDKGEN-876Support merge-to-wirelessconfig tag in generator release action

        The usage is same with existing merge-to-freertosconfig. For more details, please review Release Actions of Generator in SDK 2.x.

        Here is an example:

         mcux-undefine tag has been enabled in yml setting for Mcuxpresso IDE.
         For example:
         In yml file:


         And this macro will show in Undefined symbols:


  •  SDKGEN-906 Improve the warning level for 'category' tag check
    • When production is true, project yml setting missing "category" will stop the whole generator running.
    • when production is false, project missing "category" will only lead to this project itself generated failed with error message, but not block other projects with correct setting.

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