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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

New features update:

SDKGEN-737 Support DSP project with Cadence IDE for HIFI4

  • Cadence Xtensa Xplorer, as a new toolchain, has been supported in sdk generator, and yml configure rule align with existent toolchains.
    You can generate xtensa project in two way if board supports this toolchain :
    • Add 'xtensa' toolchain in release configure yml
    • Run batch with parameter -t xtensa

SDKGEN-840 Support manifest version 3.5 generation

  •   We have implemented manifest 3.5 pre-generation on mainline develop/sdk_api_2.x, all related submodules are synced. Here are some typical engineering builds for you to try your features:

    EVKB-IMXRT1050 FRDM-K64F LPCXpresso55S69 LPCXpresso54114

    We are waiting the Mcuxpresso IDE version supporting manifest 3.5 to try.
    The following updates have been implemented in 3.5.
    • KEX-5523 Schema update: Compatible devices description in manifest file
    • KEX-5321 Add the manifest header ID attribute's format constraints into the manifest XSD schema
    • KEX-5249 Manifest metadata to device attribute
    • KEX-5154 target_path attribute in the source should be required
    • KEX-5174 Extend the compiler enum to support ARM v5 and v6

SDKGEN-831 Support to define flash programming script for Keil

  • Flash programming file is supported to configure for Keil. To set script, a tag named flash_programming_file should be set in yml. In release mode, this file will be copied to release directory.
    For example:Untitled.png

    And this setting will show as below:


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