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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Please find attached a document detailing how to debug the Kinetis KE0x range of MCUs via LinkServer (CMSIS-DAP) debug connections using MCUXpresso IDE version 11.1.1 (or later).

This document and updates within the version 11.1.1 release of MCUXpresso IDE address an issue seen if attempting to debug these parts in earlier versions of MCUXpresso IDE.

Note: it is expected that the issues described in the attached document will be addressed in updated SDK releases for this range of MCUs for use with MCUXpresso IDE version 11.1.1 or later.


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

We are pleased to announce that MCUXpresso IDE v11.1.1 (build 3241) is now available.


This is a maintenance release that builds upon the previous MCUXpresso IDE v11.1.0, and we recommend that all existing users download and install this new version. It also incorporates a minor update to the integrated MCUXpresso Config Tools.


To download the installers for all platforms, please login to our download site via:

Notification of future releases

To receive notifications about future releases, please follow : MCUXpresso IDE - Release History 

Summary of Changes - version 11.1.1 - March 2020

  • Fixed issue with file path handling when importing examples or creating new projects with certain SDKs (previously made available as a hotfix to IDE v11.1.0 via Eclipse update system)
  • Fixed issue that prevented text zooming in Editor View
  • Fixed issue that caused deletion of most compiler defines if the MCU package for a project were changed
  • Updates to linker script file awareness, including
    • Fixed issue handling situation where symbols are quoted
    • Removed requirement for MEMORY command to provide access attributes
  • Updates to map file awareness, including
    • Fixed issue with handling of ld's PROVIDE keyword
  • Fixed issue with linker script generation related to placement of symbols for .ARM.exidx section (which could trigger issue with C++ exceptions)
  • Restructured way eGIT plugin integrated into IDE (to allow updating by the user). Supplied version also updated to v5.6.0
  • Updates to allow LinkServer debug connections (ie CMSIS-DAP) to i.MX RT6xx "rev B" silicon. Note that these changes mean that earlier i.MX RT6xx silicon can no longer be supported
  • Updates to LinkServer debug to provide support for debugging Kinetis KE0x. Note that manual changes to SDK 2.7.0 or earlier are required for this to be enabled
  • Preliminary LinkServer support for i.MX RT1170 devices
  • Fixed sector size issue with LinkServer flash driver for Kinetis KM3x devices
  • Fixed issue that prevented launch configuration creation (and hence debug) for multicore projects for preinstalled parts (LPC43xx and LPC54xxx)
  • Fixed issue with Peripheral View incorrectly handling 32-bit bitfields within peripheral registers
  • Fixed issue with Registers View such that modifying fields in xpsr could incorrectly modify other fields
  • Added mechanism to Preferences to allow default reset settings used when creating SEGGER launch configurations to be overridden for specific devices
  • Updated integrated version of MCUXpresso Config Tools to v7.0.1
    • TEE tool: Displays correctly inaccessible regions in "Memory attribution map" view
  • Upgraded to a later version of the P&E Micro plugin (v4.5.3)
  • Upgraded to a later version of the SEGGER J-Link software (v6.62d)

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