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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

New features update:

  • SDKGEN-829 Support debug component and debug mode
    • The debug component will only be visible when generator is running in debug mode. User can use parameter "--debug_mode" to enter debug mode. Without --debug_mode, these components will not appear in projects/manifest/packages/cmsis pack
    • The debug component should be added into yml data record with debug_support: true
      For example, add tag in I2C component yml:

           Untitled picture.png

               Run batch with --debug_support and without --debug_support, the component which set debug_support to true has been removed in non debug mode.

Untitled picture2.png

  • SDKGEN-827 Support extra option in lib project for IAR 
    • For IAR application project, the extra options configuration of compiler fags have already been supported.

              In this Jira, the same feature has been enabled for IAR library project. User can configure cc-flags in yml data,                so they will be set in project definition file.

              For example:

             Untitled picture3.png

             Untitled picture4.png

  • SDKGEN-824 Support --place_holde and --cpreproc_opts flags in generator
    • This feature has supported new flags for different toolchains:
      • For IAR, support to configure linker flags --place_holder
      • For Keil, support to configure assember flags --cpreproc_opts

               Here is configure examples:

               Untitled picture5.png

     Untitled picture6.png

  • SDKGEN-838 Don't load large but not necessary ymls when just generating projects.
    • The aim of this JIRA is to accelerate the process for only project generation(-p project): There are some large but necessary ymls like docs.yml(for only project generation). Generator shouldn't load them thus can accelerate the process.
    • For manifest/package/cmsis pack, all ymls will be loaded anyway.
    • As follow is load and don't load the doc yaml compare:

Untitled picture7.png

SDKGEN-715 Move SDK generator docs into git book or other web solution

  • Now our SDK generator documents are putted on the gitbook server, address as SDK generator document.
  • You can look all the documents left on the page and know the structure of the markdown document by the float anchor point right on the page.

Untitled picture8.png

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

First Release v1.00 : 22nd February 2019


Please find attached a document detailing how to create, build and debug LPC55xx multicore applications using the LPC55S69-EVK LPCXpresso55S69 Development Board with MCUXpresso IDE v10.3.1 and MCUXpresso SDK v2.5.0


MCUXpresso IDE Support

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