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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

The SDK Generator Docs have been uploaded, here is the link SDK Generator Docs.

I have to say that the work is still on-going, 60% done. The outline is set and finished parts are all updated.


There are 4 md files:

SDK Generator Introduction and    Introduce the sdk generator and demo you how to install and use it.

Release Actions of SDK        Illustrate the sdk generator release actions.

How to configure release_config      Illustrate how to config release config yml.

Yml data record                 Illustrate how to set ymls. Detailly, how to set ymls for boards/devices/components/applications/component_supports/NPIs/CMSIS pack/manifest, how to set ymls for projects, the configuration, the compilers, etc.


We are still updating it. After all parts are done, I will upload the docs files.

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