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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

New features updates:

  • SDKGEN-778 Support to dump minimum merged yml information without generating all IDE projects by passing parameter “-d”

       To quickly parse SDK examples list for the special board then create CI test scope, you can get a minimum merged         yaml information that dumped by SDK generator script with "-d" parameter.

       The minimum information include:

  • All "document" node info
  • "outdir" info
  • Simplified toolchains and configurations supporting list
  • "section-type" and "required" info

        Here is the running example:


  • SDKGEN-744 Enable c++ library project generation for armgcc and mcux

       C++ library project generation is supported for armgcc and Mcuxpresso toolchain by passing parameter "-x" to                 batch scripts:

  • For armgcc, you can configure cx-flag, cx-define and cx-include in yaml files
  • For mcuxpresso, you can configure cx-flags, cx-define and mcux-include in yaml files

      Just for a kind reminder, a mcux template is provided which is located in bin/generator/templates/mcux/cpplibproject/ and should be set under project-templates tag in yaml if you need to generate a c++ library project.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

The following article is a step-by-step tutorial how to use the NXP MCUXpresso SDK & IDE to create a SD card bootable image on i.MX RT. It features the i.MX RT1050-EVK(B) but is with minor changes applicable to any other i.MX RT device:

Tutorial: Booting the NXP i.MX RT from Micro SD Card

  • Creating a project running in RAM
  • Generating S19 file
  • Running application in RAM
  • Creating SD card boot image with Flashloader and elftosb
  • Loading image to SD card with MfgTool
  • Booting i.MX from SD card image


I hope you find it useful,


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