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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

New features update:

  • SDKGEN-724 Set different log level for "internal" projects.

       "Internal" examples, like some library projects, are not released.  Therefore some attributes like "brief" and                   "version" are not required strictly. Generator has downgraded the log level from error to warning. In production              mode, they won’t break down the cmd run.


        To use this feature you can set tag "internal" to true as below for internal projects:



        Besides, internal project can not be generated in release mode:



       KPSDK-25334 Improve the "core_id" in board yml

       The core_id tag must be set in related ymls under document tag for multi-core device. Previously, the core_id             tag is actually a combination of core id and device id which is not a good format, such "cm33_core0_LPC55S69"         and "cm0plus_LPC54102J512".

       This JIRA separates core_id and device_id independently. Just a kind reminder that these two tags are only                 required for multi-core device and should be set in pairs. For example:


       We have already updated all ymls with it.

       More, this update is backward compatible: the old format core_id is still supported but we highly recommend to           set new core_id and device_id for future development.

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