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SDK yml data schema has been applied

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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The sdk data schema and validation has been merged to SDK dev branch and sync to SDK mainline.

The schemas are located in bin\generator\sdk_generator\data\sdk_data_schema.


Now the data validation will be the first and mandatory steps for most generator cmds run. For the time being, data record which violates the schemas will be reported as “warning”, because there are many warnings, generator won’t log them into screen but recorded in stage1 yml log. Please open the stage1 yml log fix the warnings.


For ymls under main repo, we have already used scripts to remove all deprecated and obvious mistakes. For missing attributes, they are mainly about “description”, “full_name”, “manifest_name”, we will also use scripts to add them with comment. Please update them if needed.


For standalone middlewares, please do the correction by yours. Please firstly run check_yaml_data.rb under yml_v1, it will check and pre update most errors, then you need to check the correction. After that, please generate your middleware examples to see if there is any more data errors and fix them.

Some preconditions

  1.      About json schema, you can quickly learn from Getting started step by step
  2.      Please run “gem install json-schema” to install the necessary gems.


Here is the link for all materials of the presentation about SDK yml data schema introduction.

Here is the ppt inside.

Here is the video inside(500M+).

Best Regards

SDK core/SDK generator