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Over 100,000 Downloads of the MCUXpresso SDK

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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In March of 2017, NXP released the debut version of the MCUXpresso SDK along with an IDE and set of Config Tools under the same MCUXpresso name.  Since that time we have seen an amazing response from developers downloading and using this suite of software and tools.  The number of MCUXpresso SDK downloads recently surpassed 100,000 unique downloads.


As the NXP and former Freescale microcontrollers were unified under one company, we knew we needed to provide a consistent and efficient software development platform – one that would allow you  the flexibility to develop on a wide range on NXP microcontrollers without the need to relearn a new software architecture or re-invent basic enablement functionality.


The MCUXpresso SDK takes its development roots from the previous Kinetis SDK.  It is, in fact, the same code base that was once the Kinetis SDK v2.0.  Since its initial release the SDK has grown to include additional NXP portfolios, firstly LPC and now also the i.MX RT crossover processors, to provide broad support to our MCU family.  The SDK has also evolved to incorporated a number of key middleware and software components from NXP software partners, market-leading open source providers, and NXP software development teams.  Yet, despite the growth of supported hardware and software, the APIs for the SDK have remained consistent and backwards-compatible – a key pillar of the SDK architecture philosophy. 


Closely paired with the success of the MCUXpresso SDK are the accompanying development tools – the MCUXpresso IDE and the MCUXpresso Config Tools.  These tools have been a key part of the success of the MCUXpresso software and tools suite.  The aim of these tools, along with the SDK, is to make you, the developer, as efficient as you can be.  We develop these tools to ensure you have full control over your development experience, to provide the right set of features, and to improve the efficiency of your development.  We want you to develop in a way that is most comfortable to you, while ensuring that common bottlenecks and pain-points are eliminated.


The 100K downloads of MCUXpresso SDK is a milestone that inspires us, as the providers of the SDK.  It is truly a reflection of our users’ ability to successfully develop with the provided software drivers, integrated middleware, and library of examples.


We are excited to continue the development of the MCUXpresso software suite for many more years to come.  For us the future holds many exciting possibilities, including more connectivity options, increased security focus, additional integrated middleware, and higher level software, both from NXP and from our ecosystem partners.


We want to sincerely thank you for your response to the MCUXpresso SDK and its rapid growth.  We would like to encourage your participation in a brief survey that will help us refine the features to best serve your needs. As a token of our appreciation, we will be giving away 100 free boards at random to survey participants.

Link to feedback survey