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MCUXpresso Software and Tools – New Releases Available

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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NXP has released the newest versions of MCUXpresso SDK, IDE, Configuration Tools, and Secure Provisioning Tool. In addition to new product support, you will find these updates and enhanced features in the new releases:

MCUXpresso SDK v2.8 (Update release)

  • Device support
    • Kinetis/LPC/i.MX/RT boards, devices support
    • Demo applications and examples
  • Middleware
    • USB Stack, TCP/IP stack, NXP WiFi drivers, Cypress Wiced SDK, FatFS, RTOS, CMSIS, emWin, eIQ, MCUBoot, etc. --- Select the middlewares you need when build the MCUXpresso SDK.
  • Development Tools
    • IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm version 8.50.5
    • MDK-Arm Microcontroller Development Kit (Keil)® 5.31
    • Makefiles support with GCC revision 9-2019-q4-major GCC9 from Arm Embedded
    • MCUXpresso IDE v11.2.0
  • Documentation
    • MCUXpresso SDK Release Notes
    • Getting Started with MCUXpresso SDK
    • MCUXpresso SDK API Reference Manual
    • Kinds of user guides and readme

MCUXpresso IDE v11.2.0 (Update release)

  • Upgraded: Eclipse version to 2019.12 (Eclipse Platform 4.14.0 / CDT9.10.0)
  • Upgraded: GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain to GCC9-2019-q4-major
  • Upgraded: GNU make 4.2.1 is now integrated on IDE on all OS-es
  • Upgraded: Version v8 of MCUXpresso Config Tools
  • Upgraded: FreeRTOS TAD synchronization with FreeRTOS 202002.00
  • Upgraded: newer SEGGER J-Link software (v6.80d)
  • Upgraded: newer PEmicro plugin (v4.6.9)
  • Added RT500 B0 support
  • Added flash programming support for QN9090/JN5189
  • Added KW37/KW38/K39 B0 support
  • Improvement: [RT500/RT600] Extended flash drivers to support boards potentially wired in a different way from the EVKs with regards to the reset pin used for the external flash device
  • Improvement: [RT500/RT600] Flash erase performance of RT600 rev B0 flash driver (~30% speed increase)
  • Improvement: 'Delete' option added for plugin SDKs. Now the removal option should be similar with the file system SDKs
  • Improvement: added new control to manage the maximum number of child expressions that are evaluated in advance by the Live Variables service. This improves the Global Variables window responsiveness for instance when large structures are displayed. New control available on Eclipse Preferences -> MCUXpresso IDE -> Debug Options -> "Number of subexpressions proactively evaluated by Live Variables service". Default is 2 set as depth.
  • Improvement: expressions added in Global Variables are now persistent between debug sessions.

    For a comprehensive list of additional fixes, please follow this link.

MCUXpresso Config Tools v8.0 (Update release)

  • Pins tool:
    • Added Expansion headers support
    • Added muxing alt function details in HTML report
  • TEE tool:
    • Added MPU (Memory Protection Unit) support
    • Validations of peripherals security configuration vs interrupts security configuration
    • Validations of linker map file vs TEE configuration
    • Added ability to generate ROM preset data instead of C code
  • Peripherals tool:
    • Register initialization introduced
    • Quick fix button added next to the problematic part of component when fix is available
  • Device Configuration tool:
    • Added support for Cut, Copy and Paste of DCD commands
    • Improved editing with 'Write - clear and set bits' dialog
  • Memory Validation Tool
    • (MCUXpresso IDE only): Added FCB Validation tool, with RT support (untested support for RT600)
  • Project Cloner in New Configuration Wizard
    • Added support for CodeWarrior examples from DSC SDK

MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool v2 (Update release)

  • Enhanced alignment with MCUXpresso Config Tools
    • Utilization of Device Configuration (DCD) and TrustZone configurations
  • Support for LPC55S6x/2x/1x devices
    • Signed / Authenticated images
    • Generation of chained certificates
    • PRINCE encryption is not yet supported
  • Support for i.MX RT1020/1050/1060/1064
    • Bus Encryption Engine (BEE) support