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MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 Segger-LPC Debug Hotfix

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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An issue has been identified that impacts the debugging of older LPC devices using SEGGER Jlink via the version of MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 released on 4th September 2019.

This issue will be seen only when debugging an LPC device that use the IDE's Preinstalled part support i.e. parts that do not require an SDK - a debug operation via SEGGER Jlink will lead to an error as below:


In this instance, the reported error does not accurately identify the cause of this problem.

Note: This problem does not impact version 11.0.0 of MCUXpresso IDE. Also, this update is of no benefit for version 11.0.1 users of MCUXpresso IDE unless they are debugging LPC parts via SEGGER JLink and experience the above error.


The IDE team have made a fix for this issue which is now available via the standard Eclipse update mechanism. However, this fix is not suitable (or required) for the previous version of MCUXpresso IDE (version 11.0.0). Therefore a dedicated Update Site has been created for MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.1 users to deliver this 'hotfix'.

To access this new update site, a small edit should be made to the MCUXpresso IDE Update Site path held within the IDE's preferences. To locate the Preferences dialogue from the IDE:

On Windows and Linux: Window -> Preferences

On Mac: MCUXpresso IDE -> Preferences

The change can then be made as follows:

  • Enter 'update' into the filter field and locate 'Available Software Sites'
  • Select the MCUXpresso IDE Update Site line and click Edit
  • Add the text '_1' to the version making the complete version 'v11_0_1/'
    • the new path will be: ''
  • Click 'Apply and Close'
    • the graphic below shows the updated dialogue


Note: this hotfix will be located more quickly if only the MCUXpresso IDE Update site is ticked in the Available Software Sites (above)

To locate and apply this update from within the IDE, select: Help -> Check for Updates (as below)


This will launch a dialogue as below and all selected update locations will be checked for new features:


After a short while, the hotfix update will be found (as below):


Click Next and you will be presented with a License dialogue (as below):


To progress, you must click to accept the license agreement and click Finish. Finally, you will see an installation warning as below:


This update is a .jar and currently individual .jar files are not signed, hence you can click 'Install anyway' and accept the option to Restart the IDE.


Once the IDE has restarted, you can view that this hotfix update has been performed. From the IDE select Help -> About -> Installation Details and see the dialogue as below:


You should now see the Third-party debug solution support plugin is version 11.0.2... and the hotfix has been applied successfully.

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