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MCUXpresso Config Tools v9 Now Available

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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We are pleased to announce that MCUXpresso Config Tools v9 are now available.


Revision History


  • Product based on Eclipse 2020-06
  • Moved from Oracle Java 8 to Open JDK 8
  • Project cloner
    • Modern format ARM GCC toolchain projects in Import Toolchain and Project
      Cloner supported
    • Added support for SDK 2.9
    • Detect from project readme, that the project cannot be imported into Config Tools
  • Pins tool
    • Added Expansion boards support
    • Improved presentation and usage of internal signals
      • Renamed view "Routed Pins" to "Routing Details"
      • Renamed column "Route to" to "Routed pin/signal" in Routing Details view
      • Added column "Arrow" in Routing Details view (includes generated pins reports)
      • Added pin coordinates to "Routed pin/signal" column in Routing Details view (includes generated pins reports)
      • Added filter for Pins or Signal in Routing Details view
    • Ability to locate/highlight pin(s) in the Pins View table from other views(Routing Details, Package,...)
  • Peripherals tool
    • Component instance editing lock added
    • User initialization of peripheral supported
    • Component instance view can be duplicated
    • Added manual editing of register values
    • Order of peripheral initialization can be changed via dialog
  • TEE tool
    • added support for processors with XRDC2 peripheral


MCUXpresso Config Tools


MCUXpresso Config Tools Data

The Data for MCUXpresso Config Tools v9 was successfully deployed on the production system.


What’s new in data

Pins tool

  • Updated support of extension boards for selected processors
  • Optional generation of reduced comments in code for i.MX RT processors
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements

Clocks tool

  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements

Peripherals tool

  • Support of SDK 2.9.0, various bug fixes and minor improvements
  • Universal peripheral drivers
    • New components for CMSIS I2C, CMSIS SPI and CMSIS UART drivers
  • Device specific drivers
    • Added support for KV1x processors
    • New custom initialization component to generate custom, user peripheral initialization code
    • New component for PXP driver
  • Middleware
    • New component for camera driver
    • Added support of Audio 2.0 class in USB component
    • Added support of EOnCE driver for DSC processors in FreeMASTER component

TEE tool

  • Renamed tzm_config.c/.h to resource_config.c/.h
  • Updated organization and formatting of the generated initialization code
  • Various bug fixes and minor improvements

DDR and Memory validation tool

  • Updated support of DDR tool for i.MX 8M, i.MX 8MM, i.MX 8MN processors
  • Added DDR tool support for 8MP processors
  • Updated support of Memory validation tool for i.MX RT1021, i.MXRT105x, i.MXRT106x processors