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Is it necessary to support the release mode (-r option) of the SDK Generator?

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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Yes, it is mandatory. Because the internal SDK repository structure is not same as public package structure you have to support -r.  “-r” is basically transformation between internal repository and external package (file merging, changing folder structure). If you would like to produce public package you have to support also –production, which introduce strict testing.


For development purposes I am not recommending to use -r directly (it will mess up whole repository):

mcu-sdk-2.0\bin\generator\batch_v1>ruby all_frdmk64f.rb -p hello_world -r


but generate package into external location (this perform -r on background):

mcu-sdk-2.0\bin\generator\batch_v1>ruby all_frdmk64f.rb -c package_raw -o D:\package


mcu-sdk-2.0\bin\generator\batch_v1>ruby all_frdmk64f.rb -c package_zip -o D:\package


For strict package verification use roznovbuildtest system or Jenkins (there are predefined release configurations):

for more information about testing contact @Ivo Solansky


Take a look here (just mirror of generator documentation):

Related SDK Generator documentation section: