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Generator Update on Feb 27th, 2020

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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New features update:

  •  SDKGEN-1389Support Periodic Window Update feature for Keil

        Variables will update periodically if View – Periodic Window Update is selected when debugging. To enable or disable this option, a tag named "periodic_update" should be set in yml. Besides, a .uvoptx template file must be set, or this setting can not take effect.
For example:


  •  SDKGEN-1430Support to set Heap and Stack placement for Mcuxpresso

         There are two kinds of heap and stack placement styles can be set in Mcuxpresso:

         i. MCUXpresso Style

         ii. LPCXpresso Style

         To set this option, a tag named heap_stack_placement should be added in yml. "MCUXpresso Style" is set by default, therefore the yml setting can be omitted for this style.
         For example:

       Now release owners/middleware developers can directly generate webdata.xml to check whether its content especially the dependency between middlewares is correct or not.
       There are 2 ways:
        i. From batch, using command line argument "-c webdata"
        ii. From release config yml, add output type webdata.
       This feature can speed up webdata.xml generation by skip examples, manifest and superset generation.
       Here is an example by running batch command: ruby sdk_frdmk64f.yml -c webdata