Using IIC4.SDA and IIC4.SCL of LS1043ARDB as GPIOs

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Using IIC4.SDA and IIC4.SCL of LS1043ARDB as GPIOs

Contributor III

Hi, I am trying to use IIC4.SDA and IIC4.SCL as gpios in LS1043ARDB. In SCFG_RCWPMUXCR0 register, I have set IIC4_SCL and IIC4_SDA to 001 (i.e., to GPIO_4[12] and GPIO_4[13]).

Toggling of GPIO_4[13] (which is GPIO-397) is working fine. But GPIO_4[12] is not getting toggled. It is always low.

Let me know if i missed anything. Thank you.

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Contributor I

we met same questions, we set SCFG_RCWPMUXCR0 register to 0x00000011, which means  IIC4_SCL and IIC4_SDA are GPIO4_12 and GPIO4_13, but the GPIO4_12 is not controllable during bootup, looks like was controlled by other function, will be pulled up once POR for about 2seoncds, then be pulled low, and always low.


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