Questions about OS supported by USB-LICENSE-DONGLE.

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Questions about OS supported by USB-LICENSE-DONGLE.

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We would like to purchase a "CodeWarrior Node lock license" for LS1046A.
Also, we would like to use CW with multiple PCs by USB-LICENSE-DONGLE.
  (1) Part Number : CWA-LS-DVLPR-NL
  (2) Part Number : CWH-DONGLE

We want to know about OS that can use USB-LICENSE-DONGLE.
Our PC is basically Windows 64 bit machine.
If you have a list of supported OSs, please provide them.
If not, please let us know, it can use with the following OS, or not.
  - Windows 10
  - Windows 7
  - Windows XP

Best Regards,

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Please enter a case to Online Technical support, your question will be routed to Licensing team.

To enter a case to online technical support please perform the following:

1. Open

2. Click on "Account" or your name in upper right corner and select "My account", enter your NXP site login/password if necessary.

3. Select "View all Support Methods" in Support section.

4. Click "Go to Tickets" in "Support Requests" section

5. The system should redirect you to this page 

6. At this page please create a new folder for support cases by clicking "Add a Folder". Typically - one folder per project.

7. When asked, enter project details - design stage, projected annual volume, end application type and application name.

8. When folder is created, please click "Add a new case" button to create support case.

Have a great day,

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