LS1012A no Eth PHY, chip-to-chip connection

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LS1012A no Eth PHY, chip-to-chip connection

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I have a PHY-less design with LS1012A.

SGMII interface is connected chip-to-chip to a managed Gbit switch. The switch is controlled using SPI commands.

The MDIO pins of LS1012A are dangling. The Gbit switch has no MDIO bus.

How to force PPFE to assume link is Up, 1Gbit full Duplex, both in U-Boot and Linux kernel ?

I found a vague note in QorIQ-SDK-2.0-1703-IC-Rev0.pdf, p.69 Table 13, Open issue:
QLINUX-6082: "Macless devices are not supported (neither in the Linux kernel nor in usdpaa) on LS1043A and LS1046A"

Is LS1012A also affected ?



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Hi I have the same proble, the PHY-less SGMMI is connected to marwell switch, will it work? DO we need any changes in the pfe driver and the dts file?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

The LS1012a is also affected.

See attached files. These files are .dts files for LS1021a board from NXP SDK 2.0-1703.

Find Ethernet configuration in these files.

Have a great day,
Pavel Chubakov

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Hi Pavel,

  Hi have a similar application based on the ls1046ardb. What I'm gathering here is that another device needs to be specified in the  device tree to achieve mac-to-mac operation. In our case we opted to go with the SGMII macs (5 &6) for our 1000BASE-KX implementation. Would there also be driver examples available?

Looking at the 1012ardb ZIP, I don't see how the device tree PHY-MODE is any different from the defaults. Wouldn't that have to be something else, such as NO_PHY?

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Dif you solve your Problem?

We are facing the same Problem on a different level: we managed to have a direct Connection setting the property fsl,pfe-phy-if-flags = <0x1>; inside the port node, after having this in place, no mdio child is needed.

The Switch we are connecting implements the DSA architecture. When configuring one port of the Switch as the "cpu" port linking the pfe's Ethernet 1 device node the switch driver fails to load, because it cannot find the netdev representing the port.

Any clue how to get this working?

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