How to ensure the PBL is in the CPU LS1021a

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How to ensure the PBL is in the CPU LS1021a

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I have a customized board ls1021a with external eMMC. I customized the RCW and uboot image and rest of the images. Now the debug serial port (UART1) I don't see anything from it. I wonder how do I know if there is a bootloader  presents in the CPU. Do I need to make the PBL myself inside of the uboot binary (which has RCW,PBI and uboot)

If so what else do I need to do in the QorIQ Configuration Suite (QCS) PBL tool.

Since my customized uboot image was generated from QCS, but I used this tool to load a default then did RCW changes then regenerated the new uboot image which is around 728KB

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Elias Bitbaker,

1. Please check whether RCW is valid on the target board. In CodeWarrior IDE, please create a bareboard project, in Debug Target Settings panel, please select Download/Connect OCRAM launch configuration. Then connect this CW project to the target board to check whether the program can run successfully on the target board.

2. Please refer to the step by step u-boot debugging user manual to debug u-boot.



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