Disassembling the firmware_ls1088ardb_uboot_sdboot.img

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Disassembling the firmware_ls1088ardb_uboot_sdboot.img

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Hi All,

I am trying to understand the contents of firmware_ls1088ardb_uboot_sdboot.img, and I used aarch64-fsl-linux-objdump (objdump generated for the cross compiler) to disasseme the irmware_ls1088ardb_uboot_sdboot.img as follows:

aarch64-fsl-linux-objdump -dS firmware_ls1088ardb_uboot_sdboot.img > Disassembling.txt

However, I am getting "File format not recongized" error message.

Any ideas?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Janarbek Matai,

The command aarch64-fsl-linux-objdump is used to disassemble the ELF file generated by the compiler as the following.

aarch64-fsl-linux-objdump -D -S <elf_file> > Disassembling.txt

The image firmware_<platform>_uboot_sdboot.img is merged by flex-builder script with "dd" command, it includes RCW, u-boot/UEFI, ATF BL2/FIP image, bootloader environment varialbe,DDR PHY firmware, fuse provisioning in case CONFIG_FUSE_PROVISIONING is enabled, DPAA1 FMan ucode firmware(not for ls1088), QE/uQE firmware, ethernet phy firmware, flashing image script(<platform>_boot.scr), DPAA2-MC or PFE firmware, DPAA2 DPL firmware, DPAA2 DPC firmware, device tree image, linux kernel image and ramdisk rfs image.

Please refer to the function generate_qoriq_composite_firmware in the attached script from the flex-builder installation folder tools/flex-builder for details.



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