Can i use 4 DDR's in LS2085AQDS board?

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Can i use 4 DDR's in LS2085AQDS board?

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I'm using LS2085AQDS Board with EAR5 images. In that board contains 2 DDR controllers (DDR1 & DDR2), Each DDR controller having 2 DIMM slots.

By default setup one DDR (8GB) for each controller. One more DIMM slot is free for each controller.

As per my requirement i need 16 GB per each controller.

Can i insert DDR's (8GB) to that each free DIMM slots?

If i insert those DDR means each controller having two DDR. Each DDR having 8GB size. So totally each controller having 16 GB.

Can i insert the DDR?

Is there any configuration i need to change for that setup?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

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DIMM #1 slot supports four chip selects (Dn_MCS_B[0:3] are connected to slot CS[0:3]), i.e. it supports single-, dual-, and quad-rank DDR4 memory modules

DIMM #2 slot supports two chip selects (Dn_MCS_B[2:3] are connected to slot CS[0:1]), ]), i.e. it supports single- and dual-rank DDR4 memory modules.

If quad-rank DDR4 memory module is used then DIMM#2 slot has to be free.

2 single-rank or dual-rank DDR4 memory modules can be inserted into both slots. I suppose that the installed 8G memory modules are a dual-rank DDR4 memory modules. So you can insert these modules into DIMM#1 and DIMM#2 slots of one DDR controller and add 16 G memory for the second.

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