LS2085 NADK Based IPSEC Application Communicating with AIOP

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LS2085 NADK Based IPSEC Application Communicating with AIOP

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LS2085 NADK Based IPSEC Application Communicating with AIOP

On LS2085 platform, the basic networking product performs autonomous IP forwarding and IPSEC on the AIOP, data path functions run mostly independent of the GPP software and only involve GPP when necessary.

NADK(Network Acceleration Development Kit) is a complete user space development kit for networking applications.

This IPSEC application is implemented in Linux user space using NADK framework, this application learns the Linux configuration through the netlink event notification and sends the configuration to AIOP DP using the respective NF APIs. The application invokes NF APIs to send configuration details to IPsec data path on the AIOP.

1. Overview and Architecture of the AIOP-NADK Based IPSEC Application

2. NADK Based GPP Listener Program Design

2.1 NADK APIs Introduction Used in the Application

2.2 Packet Processing in Multiple Threads Mode NADK Application

2.3 IPSEC XFRM Events monitored by the Listener

3. IPSEC Application communicates with AIOP through NF APIs

3.1 IPSEC provided features implemented at AIOP

3.2 IPSEC NF APIs Used to Configure AIOP

3.3 The process of add SPD policy in the IPSEC Application

4. Setup Networking Environment to Verify the IPSEC application

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