CMSIS-DAP support in LPCXpresso

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CMSIS-DAP support in LPCXpresso

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CMSIS-DAP is an interface defined by ARM that provides a standardized way to access the Coresight Debug Access Port (DAP) of an ARM Cortex microcontroller via USB. For more information on CMSIS-DAP, please visit the ARM/MBED CMSIS-DAP site.

Support for CMSIS-DAP in LPCXpresso

A variety of debug probes are now available that implement a CMSIS-DAP interface, either standalone or built into development boards. Connection to such probes is supported from LPCXpresso IDE v6 onwards.

Only specific CMSIS-DAP enabled probes have been tested with LPCXpresso. At the time of writing (LPCXpresso IDE v8.2.2), these include:

Other CMSIS-DAP probes may also work. If you encountered a CMSIS-DAP probe that is not detected or does not work with LPCXpresso IDE, then please submit details via the LPCXpresso IDE Community Forum.

JTAG Support

LPCXpresso 7.7.2 and later

From version LPCXpresso 7.7.2, the CMSIS-DAP support layer allows the use of JTAG as well as SWD connections. This means, for example, that LPC43xx parts can now be debugged using a CMSIS-DAP probe without needing to reconfigure the launch configuration to use SWD.However it should be noted that:

  • Some CMSIS-DAP probe implementations do not support JTAG
  • Some MCU’s (in particular Cortex-M0/M0+ based parts) do not support JTAG

LPCXpresso 7.6.2 and earlier

In earlier releases of LPCXpresso IDE, the CMSIS-DAP support layer did not allow the use of JTAG connections.

If you tried to connect via JTAG, then you would see an error of the form "RedlinkAPI: Unsupported with current settings".

Generally this should not be an issue, as for most targets LPCXpresso will by default connect via SWD.

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