Need a multicore demo for Lpc4367

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Need a multicore demo for Lpc4367

Contributor III


I have the board LPCXpresso 43s67, I want to use the three cores, MCUxpresso IDEv10.3,

I find the LPCopen for4337, while there isn't demo for three cores.

Could you please provide a demo use LPC4367, three cores, based on MCUXpresso IDE.

Thanks very much!

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


I suggest to check the following thread, 



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Hi ,

Thanks for your reply. I have check it , while still don't know how to configure the memory about M0SUB project .

About "Also, if you associate an M0SUB slave project with an M4 master project, then the M0SUB project should normally be placed in the `RamM0Sub16` RAM block of the M4's memory map. Thus you will need to ensure that the M0SUB project has been configured such that this RAM block is first in the memory block list displayed by the memory configuration editor in the MCU settings of Project Properties.", does it mean place the M0SUB project into RAM, not flash?

Could you please give the exactly sample of  linker file about how to configure the three core project.


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