LPC51U68 Multi channels ADC DMA transfer

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LPC51U68 Multi channels ADC DMA transfer

LPC51U68 Multi channels ADC DMA transfer


Since LPC series ADC has sequence function, so implement multi-channel ADC transfer is easy.

But use DMA is also meaning, so there are two demos to show how to use such applications


Use SW trigger multi channels ADC transfer, but use DMA to transfer result to result array.

use don't need to care the channel result register, but fetch data from global data register;


for many cases, user need to trigger ADC multi channels transfer periodly, and collect enough data for processing.

so this demo use SCT_OUT7 to trigger ADC Sequence A for 6 channels, then after 1024 rounds, generate DMA interrupt to process all 6*1024 data array.

all demos are implemented on SDK2.6.0 

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