mqx for kinetis k20

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mqx for kinetis k20

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I am currently working on a project, where  I have to handle several real time data. I am using k20 to achieve the target.

I am getting in dealing with all these interrupts. So thought to implement mqx rtos in the project.

Can anyone suggest me whether it is feasible to use mqx with k20.

In the project i am dealing with these peripherals:






Thank you,

Gagan Garg

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Yes, MQX would work well for you in this scenario running on a K20. More importantly, which version of the K20 are you running? The silicon version (50MHz, 72MHz, 100MHz, etc...) is more important for starting your MQX port than is the K20 designation. A K20 100 MHz part is more closely related to a K40 100 MHz part than it is to a K20 50 MHz part. The "20" is more telling of the peripheral set of the part than it is of the silicon.

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