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Presentación Kinetis L - NVIC.pdf

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Presentación Kinetis L - NVIC.pdf

Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller Module by Vicente Gómez Freescale TIC.

  1. NVIC Explanation
  2. Hands-on
    1. IRQ using a pin.
    2. Interruption timers.

Presentación de la NVIC (Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller) por Vicente Gómez, Freescale TIC.

  1. Explicación de la NVIC.
  2. Hands-On
    1. IRQ usando un pin.
    2. Timers con interrupción


I'd like to know why the cycle number of tail-chaining is 11 cycle.

I have not been able to find the document of this reasoning.

Why does Cortex-M0+ need 11 cycle for tail-chaining in spite of 6 cycles for Cortex-M4?

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