New to KwikStick... Need Urgent Help with basically everything... :(

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New to KwikStick... Need Urgent Help with basically everything... :(

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Hi Every1,

I'm an electronics engg fresher with almost no knowledge on High level embedded programming. My company wants me to program a kinetis K series MC (MK10DX64VLH5). For the same they have provided me with a Kinetis Kwikstick to try and reprogram it with a basic application to get started. Going through many videos/documents/dicussions and links for the same, I have been trying to reprogram the KwikStick but have no had success yet.

I'm using KDS_3.0.0 and installed a patch for kwikstik namely KDSK_1.3.0

The first and foremost thing making me nuts are the following errors:

Error 1:

**** Build of configuration MK40X256VMD100_INTERNAL_RAM for project LCD_Example ****

Nothing to build for project LCD_Example

Error 2:


I've downloaded thw LCD_example provided in the discussion:

KWIKSTIK K40 Getting Started

I've made sure that i connected the Kwikstik using J-link connector only and also I have setup the debug configurations as suggested in GDB Debugging with Kinetis Design Studio

Still there's no success... Someone plz help me ASAP.... I have deadlines to be met... :smileycry::smileycry:

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If you need out-of-the box support for the Kwikstik you an get it here:

It works with KDS (or CW, GCC, Crossworks, IAR, Keil, Green Hills, CooCox etc.) and with VisualStudio (free express edition is adequate) in order to simulate the K40 and the board in (approx. real time).

This means that you have everything for the SLCD, SD card, USB, bootloaders, etc. to work with the kit and can analyse code and peripheral operation in the K40 simulator for fastest learning and project developments (see screen short below)

When you later move to the K10 there is no porting to do since the project adapts itself automatically to the new processor (you will just lose USB and SLCD capability).





K40: / /


For the complete "out-of-the-box" Kinetis experience and faster time to market

:smileyinfo: Out-of-the-box support for 46 Kinetis boards and 10 IDEs (460 combinations from a single code source with no porting required)

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