Kinetis K40X256VLG10 unable to run Kwikstik Demo

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Kinetis K40X256VLG10 unable to run Kwikstik Demo

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Hi, | am having K40 board and for a starting program willing to run Kwikstik demo downloaded from site ( Freescale Kwikstik-K40 Demo software - element14 ). I am using CodeWarrior 10.3 and MQX3.8.1  both of them are installed in D:\Codewarrior  . however I am not having any issue in importing demo files. But launching application's error pop up during debugging process. secondly before debugging when I manually build the code it gave me 100 code errors . Is it possible that the downloaded kwikstik demo was might already having bugs in it ??

please help me out in running this demo


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