Kinetis Availability & Longevity

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Kinetis Availability & Longevity

Kinetis Availability & Longevity

I’ve noticed some comments about Kinetis MCUs availability and status that I’d like to address for the entire community. The Kinetis MCU portfolio has seen significant growth in the mass market and is on track for continued strong growth in the coming years. Due to this growth, the demand on the Kinetis MCUs has outstripped the available supply, leading to extended leadtimes.  We have invested additional resources across the manufacturing line for 2018 and beyond to increase overall capacity and are pleased to be able to communicate that the lead time is being reduced from 39 weeks to low 30's this month.  It is anticipated there will be further reduction in Q3 2018 with a target of being back to a typical 12-14wk lead time in Q1 2019.  Additionally, we have increased our product longevity commitment on Kinetis K, L, E, V, M and W MCUs to 15 years to support the strong pipeline of design-in activity across the Kinetis portfolio that we are seeing in the market. 

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Hi Sujata,

It's good to know that NXP is increasing Kinetis production.

But is NXP also developing new Kinetis?

And will the Kinetis prices go back to the values of the time that were made by Freecale?


Hi Sujata,

Good to know this. So, we can continue our development on K66F and KV58 MCU...

Is there any plan to add more MCU in Kinetis?



There are other issues that need addressed as well.  

Will proper erratas ever be issued for parts like the KL27 and KL28  I2C bugs that has long been documented here in the forums?

Will broken parts ever be fixed?

Will some useful example software ever be created?

Bernd Kreuss sums things up well:

"The main obstacles I encountered were the miserable and incomplete
documentation of the Kinetis USB peripheral [and other peripherals]  and a complete lack of any
official example code (code that demonstrates the usage of the
peripheral itself and not code that merely demonstrates the incredible
ability of Freescale engineers to build monstrous Layers upon Layers
upon Layers of convoluted abstraction and indirection that becomes
evermore obfuscated and bloated with every new version), so quite some
reverse engineering and trial and error had to be done to understand
the USB peripheral and still not all questions are answered." - Bernd

I'll add to that example code that doesn't look like it was written by someone with no experience in proper software development.  This is an industry wide problem.

The constant churn of development tool platforms. CW -> KDS -> MCUExpress -> Next Months whim?
Releasing MCUExpress in pieces etc.  Generating code not amicable to Code Inspections; Kreuss above.

‎05-07-2018 02:22 PM