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K64 Pins Spreadsheet

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K64 Pins Spreadsheet

I created this spreadsheet from the data in the user manual. Exported here as Microsoft Excel but I encourage folks to use the link below to Google Docs.

Useful when documenting how pins will be used.

  • Highlight the intended alternate function of a pin.
  • Use commenting to resolve issues when collaborating with others.
  • Add notes to better describe how a pin is used for a particular application.

K64 Pins Template - Google Sheets


Thanks a lot Kenny ! :smileyhappy:

Freescale should give you a medal for that...

This document is really useful (and should be part of some tool provided with the K64 documents).


Thanks Laurent. I do this kind of thing for every project. Maybe I'll start a business :smileyhappy:

Excellent - thanks I'll adapt it for the k26

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