How can I help to port KL05 in MCUXpresso?

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How can I help to port KL05 in MCUXpresso?

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Hello everbody,


As commented in this topic, the KL05Z microcontroller doesn't have support of MCUXpresso SDK, and so, it can't be used in MCUXpresso IDE.

I like the FRDM-KL05Z board because: it is simple to use in an "embedded system" course; it is ARM based; it have an embed programmer; it is cheap to buy in Brazil (compared to other similar boards) and; I have many of these boards!

On the other hand, I like to use the "Open Pin" tool and, mainly, the "Open Clocks" tool because it makes teaching the microcontroller much easier.

I saw in the previous topic that it is a market issue to update the KL05Z for use in MCUXPresso. But, my question is: is it possible for me, as a customer, to help with the portability of the KL05Z to use the "Open pins" and "Open clocks" tools?


Thanks in advance.

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