CodeWarrior 10.1 and MQX for K60N512

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CodeWarrior 10.1 and MQX for K60N512

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Has anyone been able to compile the MQX libraries for the K60N512 tower board on CodeWarrior 10.1??  How long of a task was it  to take the MQX source files and generate a library compilation?


If not, is there a time frame for the next MQX release that will have libraries for the K60N512?

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I'm not sure if this is what you are asking, but I'll try to answer that.

Compiling the libraries is made pretty simple for existing Boards that they support.  Fortunately, they support the TWR-K60N512

1. In Codewarrior, you need to import, at the very least, the bsp and psp projects (from <MQX_PATH>\mqx\build\cw10)

2. You can additionally import the rtcs, mfs, etc... by importing the projects from i.e. <MQX_PATH>\mfs\build\cw10

3. You should now be able to build the projects.

4. If you create a new MQX project, it should automatically link to the appropriate library files.


In the <MQX_PATH>\doc folder, there is a lot of documentation on this stuff.

Also, there is some good info in the <CW 10.1>\MCU and <CW 10.1>\MCU\Release_Notes folders.


Hope that helps.

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