How do I open KSDK demos in KDS?

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How do I open KSDK demos in KDS?

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Ok, maybe this is obvious to many of you, and maybe I just didn't see it in the user's guides - how do I open KSDK demos in KDS? Do I start a new project and replace "main.c" with the source code in the demo's \src directory, or is there a better way to open the demo as a complete project?  I'm new at this, so please bear with me!


On a related note, what's a good way to include all the necessary .h files? Right now, this is my quite cumbersome process:


1. Build project

2. get error stating that a particular .h file is missing

3. search my KSDK installation file for the particular .h file

4. add the .h file

5. repeat the process until build gives no errors.


There MUST be a better, more logical way to do this. Can anyone help?


BTW, I'm using a FRDM-K22F board. I don't know if that makes a difference.



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Jeff:

Colleague Santiago provided very  good suggestions there. Just to add that in his image you can see 5 projects; uncheck all but the FRDM-K22F one, or you will import all of them. For more instructions on this you can consult Chapter 7.3 of the K22 Users Guide at:

C:\Freescale\KSDK_1.0.0\doc\Kinetis SDK K22 User's Guide.pdf

And regarding header files, you do not have to copy them to your project. If compiler complains about not finding a .h, just find it in your KSDK installation and add the corresponding path to the .h file in Project -> Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Settings -> Cross ARM C Compiler -> Includes, as next:


Jorge Gonzalez

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A feature of importing I would like to see is to filter by "Processor"  eg FRDM K64F etc as I very nearly imported a hundred or so examples... 

bearing in mind Erich S comment on slowing down the system with too many apps loaded I gave up.......

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


There are projects created to avoid you adding the sources step by step.

You can import them with KDS, or any other compiler.

Click in File-Import-general-Existing project into workspace and then click in the Browse button near "Select root folder” and select the folder associated to any demo you want from SDK, for example:


You should see something like this:



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