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NXP LPC54xxx Reboot example

NXP LPC54xxx Reboot example

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I have a project with uses Micrcontroller NXP LPC54616J512.

It uses USB HID Host Communication Channel. For this We created a command with allow to load new firmware into Flash. After loaded, I need to move it to RunApplication Area and performs a GoTo Specific address. I´m looking for an Reboot example with I can pass the Image Address passed as parameter.

Like ISP_Mode >> GO command.

I´m looking for a command or function that performs it operation.

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on driver file fsl_flashaip.h there are optional commands simmilar to ISP Mode Commands but I Didnt found GoTo specific Address.

enum _flashiap_commands
kIapCmd_FLASHIAP_PrepareSectorforWrite = 50U, /*!< Prepare Sector for write */
kIapCmd_FLASHIAP_CopyRamToFlash = 51U, /*!< Copy RAM to flash */
kIapCmd_FLASHIAP_EraseSector = 52U, /*!< Erase Sector */
kIapCmd_FLASHIAP_BlankCheckSector = 53U, /*!< Blank check sector */
kIapCmd_FLASHIAP_ReadPartId = 54U, /*!< Read part id */
kIapCmd_FLASHIAP_Read_BootromVersion = 55U, /*!< Read bootrom version */
kIapCmd_FLASHIAP_Compare = 56U, /*!< Compare */
kIapCmd_FLASHIAP_ReinvokeISP = 57U, /*!< Reinvoke ISP */
kIapCmd_FLASHIAP_ReadUid = 58U, /*!< Read Uid isp */
kIapCmd_FLASHIAP_ErasePage = 59U, /*!< Erase Page */
kIapCmd_FLASHIAP_ReadMisr = 70U, /*!< Read Misr */
kIapCmd_FLASHIAP_ReinvokeI2cSpiISP = 71U /*!< Reinvoke I2C/SPI isp */