Mass copying of QR-Codes(Feature request NXP TagWriter)

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Mass copying of QR-Codes(Feature request NXP TagWriter)

Mass copying of QR-Codes(Feature request NXP TagWriter)

I have no idea if this is the right place for my problem, but here i go with a feature request for the NXP TagWriter Mobile App :


My goal is to copy a QR-Code and to add the uid of the tag to the URL which was encoded on the QR-Code on a larger scale(a few hundred NFC-Tags). The problem is that there already is a parameter in the URL data. When adding the uid at the end, it is appended with a questionmark. This is against best practice, where two parameters are attached with an ampersand(&).


I do understand that automatically detecting the presence of a given parameter would result in analyzing user data. The simplest solution would be to add a setting for editing the uid parameter name string to a custom text, similar to the three counter settings under ‘WRITE OPERATION’ settings.


Another concern is the amount of clicks to fulfill the goal of copying the QR-Code and appending the uid. When you want to write a few hundred tags, it is pretty time-consuming to repeat all the steps over and over again. If the user could provide a standard setting for handling the Mirroring Options(Standard Card Type, enabled UID Mirroring) it would save a lot of time and clicks.
The perfect solution for my usecase would be to be able to do this procedure:

  1. Provide settings for QR-Code-copying
    • Card-Type
    • UID-Mirroring enabled
  2. Scan QR-Code(Encoded data: '')
  3. Tag Card(Data to be written on tag: '') 
  4. Repeat step 2. and 3.
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