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Free IoT IDE ---RT-Thread Studio IDE

Free IoT IDE ---RT-Thread Studio IDE

Hi Community. I'm JAMES JACK working for OpenSource RT-Thread IoT OS and responsible for RT-Thread Studio IDE Team.

We built a free-to-use IDE RT-Thread Studio in late 2019 with the hope of helping embedded developers to simplify software-development complexity and efficiently create projects and increasingly productive. It has been years of hard work, and we have finally made it here to v2.0. We like to invite you to give it a try and share your thoughts with us.

Free download:

Contributor I

I have downloaded this IDE. How can I contact you when I hava a problem?

Senior Contributor II

I downloaded the RT-Thread-Studio IDE, but Microsoft SmartDefender blocks it because it thinks it could harm my device?


A few questions:

- I did not see a Linux version, is it Windows only?

- It would be interesting to see FreeRTOS supported instead of RT-Thread, especially to port existing applications. But I only see RT-Thread supported. Would it be possible to have FreeRTOS added as a package?

- The IDE page says 'Community version is free forever.': what other editions do exist? What are the differences?


Contributor II

Hi ErichS.

Sorry for the late reply.

1. For now, RT-Thread Studio only supports Windows, the Linux will soon come out this year.

2. FreeRTOS is supported in RT-Thread Studio, when you create a project that based on PlatformIO you'll see the FreeRTOS is there. RT-Thread Studio opens to All. 

3. The sentence of Community version is free forever means RT-Thread Studio will forever free to the community. RT-Thread values its community developer very much, that's why this Studio IDE is built and it will always open to the community developer. There is no other edition. 

If you have any questions while using RT-Thread Studio, you can create a post in RT-Thread Club, its community developer, and the RT-Thread technical engineers will support you.

Contributor I