An Unexpected Error has Occurred?

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An Unexpected Error has Occurred?

An Unexpected Error has Occurred?

I frequently run into the following:

I do reply to a post and want to send it, but then I get the following error:


The thing is that all the text I have entered is now lost and I have to log-in and restart again

Very frustrating! Why can I answer a question without to be logged in?

If this is not possible, why not prevent this upfront?

Please have it fixed.



PS: I understand that for some reasons there is a move to this new forum, but it really looks like we are beta testing it?


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Hi @ErichStyger,

Could you tell me if you have faced recently the error? 

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ok, just using this answer.

It seems that things just have improved recently.

I entered my reply, now I get to the login page and the reply is still there.

It looks this has been fixed recently?