HoverGames Challenge 2 is live!

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HoverGames Challenge 2 is live!

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello everyone,
HoverGames Challenge 2 : Help Drones Help Others: During Pandemics
is live! We encourage you to sign up and join here!
HoverGames Challenge 2: Help Drones, Help Others During Pandemics  

Pandemics threaten not only the health of everyone, they can also disrupt our way of life and inflict widespread societal and economic harm. Pandemics have the potential to break down geopolitical borders and reshape the entire course of history. The impact felt from the COVID-19 pandemic took just a few months to affect the health and livelihoods of everyone across the globe, but it has also shown just how vital technology can be in times of crisis.

We need to learn lessons from the past and find innovative ways to connect with each other, protect the vulnerable and meet critical demands in global health crises of the future. This is precisely what the NXP HoverGames seek to accomplish.

For this reason, we’re focusing on pandemics for the second challenge in the popular HoverGames series. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with an innovative way to use drones to help save lives or help people during a global pandemic.

Your code is needed!

A HoverGames drone should be able to carry out its mission as autonomously as possible, with the help of your code. Your drone could be activated by a signal from an ill person and fly out immediately, providing a communication and data link at the scene for emergency responders. Your drone might be a part of an automated pharmaceutical dispatch unit, carrying essential prescriptions directly to vulnerable patients in their homes.

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