Run FreeMASTER after programming the MPC5744 with ADC_MPC5744P

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Run FreeMASTER after programming the MPC5744 with ADC_MPC5744P

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Hi everyone,

I was today able to program the project "ADC_MPC5744P" on MPC5744P DevKit using S32.


Now is the question, how can I see the value on the ADC using FreeMASTER.


I'm using s32 Design Studio for Power Architecture and FreeMASTER 3.1.

I'll be thankful for a short video tutorial

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi @tl007,

Did you check this post Connecting to the Board  ?

Key steps to follow in order to be able to monitor a variable in FreeMASTER:
1. Connect to the target board using connection wizard using the connection method specified in `freemaster_cfg.h`
2. Make sure the variable that stores the ADC values is visible to FreeMASTER (if is automatically discovered if Target Side Addressing TSA is used on the embedded side or can be extracted from the project ELF file).
3. Use FreeMASTER GUI features: Variable Watch for numeric or Oscilloscope for visual data representation.

Let us know if you need more details on any of these steps.

Note there are more NXP video trainings (search for FreeMASTER key word) covering different aspects of FreeMASTER tool.


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