mcf5441x rev.5 manual available

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mcf5441x rev.5 manual available

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Hi all,

would just like to inform everybody that this new manual is now available. It fixes several things collected up over years. 

Still a special "big" thanks to NXP team for the big effort spent working on this manual.


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

This is really a good news! Customer had reported the document typos for several years and waiting for the updating. Now it is available! Great!

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Previous correspondence on this issue is on this thread:

MCF54415 eDMA help 

That thread, pointing out some of the serious errors in this manual was started in November 2012 for the manual released in January 2012.

> Customer had reported the document typos for several years

That's 5 1/2 years since this was reported, and getting the number of DMA channels wrong by a factor of 4 (16 channels vs 64) is a pretty big "Typo". It is the wrong chapter for a completely different chip that got included in Rev 4 (but was correct in Rev 3).

Likewise Revision 3 and 5 of the manual have Chapter 7 detailing all three interrupt controllers, while Revision 4 only listed two of them. Revision 4 had mistakes in Chapter 18 (EPORT) that have been fixed. Revision 4 missed detailing the CAU supports SHA-256, as well as there being TWO FlexCAN, TWO SSI controllers, TEN UARTs (Rev 4 says three) and IEEE-1588 support (correct in V3 and V5). Revision 5 details a "Reserved, must be Set" bit in the RTC that might have been causing problems.

There have been five PAGES of corrections and updates between Revisions 4 and 5, involving about 130 changes to 23 chapters (depending on how you count them). That list doesn't include fixing the spelling mistakes that we told them about (which they did). But they didn't run a spelling checker over the manual, so there are still a few in there they could have easily found.

Anyone using this chip would do well to read the 5 pages of changes, to see if any of the things that have been wrong have been causing them problems.

Congratulations to Angelo for pushing this issue again, and to Fang and the Documentation Team for getting it released.


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