Moving from HC12S to Coldfire Processor

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Moving from HC12S to Coldfire Processor

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We currently have a range of products that use the MC9S12 series of processors - the FLASH memory sizes range from 64 to 256kB.
However for the next development we are looking seriously at the Coldfire series (in particular the MCF5222X Family) - greater processing power and we want to introduce USB On The Go functionality to the product. We will be using CodeWarrior again obviously.
Can anyone point me to any application notes or forum threads with tips and advice on the differences in programming the two devices, whether there is any difference in compiled code size for the same application etc.
Many thanks
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There is a document, Porting_Tips_HCS08_to_CFV1.pdf, that comes with the CodeWarrior for MCUs 6.0 installation. As the name suggests, it discusses how to migrate HCS08 code to ColdFire V1. Although you're moving from the HCS12 (which is similar to the HCS08) to a ColdFire V2 CPU, there ought to be some information you can use as a starting point.

A similar document, AN3732 : Migrating Between MC9S08AC and MCF51AC Flexis Devices, is available on-line if you don't want to download the Special Edition of CodeWarrior. It covers the same material as the Porting_Tips doc. It is available here.

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