MCF52259 CMX demo ,is it OK?

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MCF52259 CMX demo ,is it OK?

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I download the File--ColdFire USB_LITE Stack_MCF5225x by CMX (exe) from freescale website.
Run the CDC demo example (CMXUSB_LITE_MCF5225X_1.0\usb-peripheral\projects\CodeWarrior\mcf52223\cdc-demo),
When i try to use the flash programmer and load the MCF52258 settings(Because i used the MCF52258 chip in my board), press "Erase" and appears "Error:Initalization Faild."

what i shoule do for resolving this issue?

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This is most probably a communications issue with your programmer, or your hardware is not giving the correct signals to the programmer.

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