Loading fip.bin (BL31 and Uboot) via CW Project

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Loading fip.bin (BL31 and Uboot) via CW Project

Contributor III

How do I load fip.bin (mainly uboot.bin or uboot.elf) from a bl2.elf file from CW?

I am getting the following trace in CW. BL2 is not able to locate fip.bin in CW.

Thread #1 1 [core: 0] (Suspended : Signal : SIGINT:Interrupt)
plat_panic_handler() at platform_helpers.S:70 0x10000574
__assert() at assert.c:35 0x10008f58
io_dev_init() at io_storage.c:175 0x10005d4c
open_fip() at ls_io_storage.c:248 0x10006518
plat_get_image_source() at ls_io_storage.c:525 0x100066bc
load_image() at bl_common.c:86 0x10006c10
load_image_flush() at bl_common.c:155 0x10006c10
load_auth_image_internal() at bl_common.c:229 0x10006c10
load_auth_image() at bl_common.c:244 0x10006c10
bl2_load_images() at bl2_image_load_v2.c:70 0x10006a44
bl2_main() at bl2_main.c:106 0x10006b78
bl2_entrypoint() at bl2_el3_entrypoint.S:67 0x100000e8

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