VortiQa, the new magical AIS

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VortiQa, the new magical AIS

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VortiQa, the new magical AIS

Get to meet the new release everyone!


VortiQa application identification software (AIS) identifies a wide variety of applications traversing your network, including various voice, streaming audio-video, web-based applications and client-server applications. This software package forms a fundamental building block of any state-of-the-art traffic policy enforcement device such as WAF, NAC, next-generation firewall and enterprise WLAN AP.


VortiQa AIS is built on top of the VortiQa platform services package (PSP)—the middleware framework—which facilitates the migration of networking applications from kernel space to user space without drastically affecting the performance.


VortiQa AIS primarily performs its operation by searching for application-specific signatures in the packet data stream, also known as deep packet inspection (DPI). The signatures are loaded on the device at the boot time and get updated periodically. The DPI capabilities of VortiQa AIS allow detection of the supported applications even if they run on non-standard transport ports. This signature-based detection approach is supplemented by protocol analytics, wherever necessary, in order to maximize the accuracy of the results.


So this is basically how it functions:



The key features:


  • Reliable application detection with 1100+ signatures, e.g. iTunes®, Netflix®, Facebook® and YouTube®
  • Port-agnostic application detection with universal signatures such as Yahoo® and MSN® IM.
  • Nested detection for select applications, such as Facebook photo sharing and Facebook games
  • Encoded and obfuscated URL support
  • Hardware acceleration support
  • Notification methods
  • Event logging



Plus, supported devices:



Where do I get it?

If you can't wait to get this great new software, please contact you Freescale's sales representative.

Visit freescale.com/VortiQa or get more info in here!

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