IoT Solutions: Device Cloud Connectivity for Kinetis

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IoT Solutions: Device Cloud Connectivity for Kinetis

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We have recently released the Etherios Cloud Connector for MQX™ that enables secure and scalable Device Cloud connectivty for Kinetis microcontrollers utilizing the CodeWarrior and MQX development platform. The Cloud Connector for Freescale MQX is a set of footprint-optimized libraries, tailored Eclipse plug-ins for CW 10, MQX sample code and tools designed for cloud-enabled application development on TWR-K60N512 (and other) kits.


Device Cloud connectivity allows you to build connected products for the Internet of Things (IoT), whether they are new or existing designs, and create new service revenue streams, offer product service/reliability and business process efficiency improvements. For example, cloud connectivity can dramatically streamline product rollouts (remote setup/troubleshooting), create new preventive maintenance services (remote system status/health altering/monitoring, including remote firmware upgrades), product performance analytics (how is the end-product used/utilized) or proactive supply replenishment (refills, anyone?) options – all remotely as part of your MQX application with the complete capabilities of cloud-based application, enterprise system and mobile device (phone, tablet) integration.

With specific focus on ease-of-use, the Cloud Connector for MQX offers an fully integrated cloud enabled product development experience, include remote device management and two-way data exchange for M2M applications. Take a look and give it a try. Signing up for a Device Cloud development account is free.


Visit Cloud Connector for Freescale MQX™ or go to the Freescale website and download the free Cloud Connector for MQX.

You can also find more information about the iDigi Device Cloud by clicking this link: Device Cloud: Driving the Internet of ANYthing

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Your post are hold but I hope you are always here.

I use Etherios connector for an IoT project but I can't use (or don't know the way) the uart3. I can't use uart.c and uart.h file.

Do you know this problem?



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