Flash Programmer for CodeWarrior Power Architecture

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Flash Programmer for CodeWarrior Power Architecture

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Flash Programmer for CodeWarrior Power Architecture

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I have updated all my CW10.6 updates to current and this process has killed my projects by deleting all my "debugger" tab options


So I found this thread, and went to follow the steps thinking i could fix it, but when i get to step 3 under 3.1 import target task I get this: (you can see all the old target tasks piled up due to some bug that was fixed in 3.0.0)


I get this same message when I click on ALL target tasks, there appears to be a something wrong from when I ran all the updates?

Ok so I continued to this time try  section 3.2 "Create target task", all goes well until step 6 "add device", this button does nothing. What now?

I did download the entire offline 10.6 installer, then re installed it, but when I click check updates, there is the same massive list (why isnt the installer up to date????????????). Anyway, if i go and do the updates (which dont work really, you have to guess which order to do them as the yhave dependancies, so you basically have to do them one by one which is a really bad process). If I go and do these updates, this is what caused the above problem... so yeah, this is just awesome.

Here is the fresh install update list... this is no good, it should be up to date, and doing these updates kills the debugger so im stuck.


While updating I had this issue after installing:

  CodeWarrior SA Core NLS Feature2.0.0.144301-201410211705com.freescale.sa.nls.feature.group

after i installed this update, and it loaded after the CW restart i got this:

An error has occurred. See error log for more details.

Unknown target type: com.freescale.cw.system.eppc.PXD.PXD1010

the problem appears to be me doing this updates in the wrong order (because you have to guess the updates as there is no system to automate this).

Anyway, after doing them all 1 by 1 on a fresh offline installation it all works. So i guess if you do a few at a time it must kill something, or like most of this tool chain its just unstable.

This AppNote refers to Power Architecture and not MCU/MQX products. Please open a community thread or a SR to MCU/MQX space.


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