CodeWarrior TAP - Ethernet connection

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CodeWarrior TAP - Ethernet connection

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I'm running CodeWarrior 10.5 with CodeWarrior TAP connected via USB. All works fine and I am able to debug and use the flash programmer.

I have noted the CodeWarrior TAP connected via USB creates a Ethernet connection on my PC; this identifies itself as 'CodeWarrior TAP USB Ethernet' in my network connections list. I assume this is a virtual Ethernet connection tunneled through the USB. The Ethernet connection assigns an IP like via DHCP. I can successfully ping the IP address from my PC.

I would like to use the CodeWarrior TAP serial port to talk to my target. But that requires telnet (port 1082), which needs an Ethernet connection. Should it be possible to open a telnet session on the 'CodeWarrior TAP USB Ethernet' to access my target serial? I've tried using the DHCP assigned IP, but I get 'connection refused'. Is there something else I need to do to get this to work?

Note if I also connect the separate Ethernet on the CodeWarrior TAP it seems to stop the flash programmer from working (which is configured to use the USB connection).

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Please check whether the attached document would be helpful for you.

If further assistance is needed, please describe your purpose in details, it seems that I didn't get your purpose clearly.

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