What Example Code/Driver Code are there for LPC800 micro controllers? And What are the differences?

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What Example Code/Driver Code are there for LPC800 micro controllers? And What are the differences?

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For the low pin count and small memory footprint LPC800 family, NXP offers free LPCOpen Driver Code and Example Code Bundles. 


The LPCOpen Driver Code for LPC81x/82x/83x series, is an Application Programming Interface (API) base. For users who are not too concerned with overall code size, LPCOpen provides the ease of use without diving into details of each peripheral registers, and it is easy to migrate from LPC8xx to LPC11xx family. 


Link to LPC8xx LPCOpen: 



However given LPCOpen is no longer the supported platform, and future LPC8xx devices will not have LPCOpen Driver code.


For the LPC800 family, NXP also offers a basic, complete working Example Code for each peripheral, giving 8/16 bit microcontroller users fast transition to the 32bit LPC800.


Example code is the fastest, simplest way for user to learn how to program each peripheral before progressing to more advance features of the peripheral. New users of LPC800 can step through the Example Code like a tutorial. Concise and accurate explanations in Readme files and comments in source files help the user to start/debug quickly.


The Example Code Bundles work right out of the box for the LPC800 LPCXpresso-MAX boards. It’s easy to read how the peripherals registers are setup /access without going through many levels of APIs. They have register level peripheral access, and direct correspondence between software and memory maps in the chip User Manuals. The Example Code Project and source code directory structures are kept simple, flat, and consistent (as much as possible) between LPCXpresso/MCUXpresso IDE, Keil, and IAR tools. 


The system base on Example Code is smaller in code size,  with much simpler code vs LPCOpen for a similar task (For example, >25% code size reduction for a simple Blinky). This can be crucial in applications where the code size is close to the device flash limit. 


All new LPC800 devices will have a supporting Code Bundle.


To try the Example Code,  please go to the related LPC800 product pages and Select the Software download tab.

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