New Secure Provisioning Tool and IDE, SDK, Config Tools Releases Now Available

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New Secure Provisioning Tool and IDE, SDK, Config Tools Releases Now Available

NXP Employee
NXP Employee
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New versions of MCUXpresso SDK, IDE, and Configuration Tools are now available, along with a new Secure Provisioning Tool. Please see below to learn more about these updates updates and enhanced features in the new releases:


MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool v1  (NEW Release)

  • New MCUXpresso Tool designed for certificate and key management, secure image preparation, and device provisioning and programming.
  • Secure provisioning via unified graphical UI and command-line interface
  • Support included for i.MX RT1050 and i.MX RT1060 device, supporting HAB4 secure boot flow including signed and encrypted images. Support for LPC devices and features is planned in afuture release, elftosb_gui is currently available as an alternative solution within the MCUXpresso SDK (included with MCU Boot).
  • Uses several existing utilities (unifying them with a common GUI / CLI):
    • elftosb
    • blhost/Flashloader
    • CST/srktool
    • sdphost
  • Supports generation and management of keys, signatures, and certificates associated with encrypting and signing an application.
  • Provides a unified command-line interface to allow for automated scripting of device provisioning and programming.


MCUXpresso SDK v2.7 (Update release)

  • Updated peripheral drivers to v2.7.0 SDK code base for all included boards and devices
  • New integrated enabling software technologies (stacks and middleware) –
    • CANopen stacks from EmSA
    • Embedded Wizard by TARA
    • Google Cloud IoT Core
    • LittlevGL
    • Storyboard by Crank Software
  • Updated included middleware –
    • Amazon FreeRTOS Kernel 201908.00
    • Cypress Wi-Fi v6.4.0
    • FatFs v0.13c
    • lwIP v2.1.2+
    • Mbed TLS v2.16.2
    • Microsoft Azure Cloud Connectivity SDK v1.3.4
    • SEGGER emWin v5.50g
  • Updated GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain to GCC8 (2019-q3-update)



MCUXpresso IDE v11.1 (Update release)

  • New welcome system with built-in SDK selection
  • New SDK plug-in system to simplify SDK installation and management
  • Improved support for Middleware components in New project wizard
  • Improved multi-core, secure/non-secure debug support
  • Flash driver performance improvements
  • Multiple improvements to Image Info view
  • Updated SDK Creator, including photo and metatag customization
  • Added MCUXpresso Dark Theme color options
  • Reduced code size of debug builds by optimization of assert() functions
  • Updated underlying Eclipse and GCC components:
    • Eclipse 4.12.0.v201906 / CDT9.8.1
    • GCC8-2019q3-update


MCUXpresso Config Tools v7.0 (Update release)

  • Updated to Trusted Execution Environment tool to allow for easier navigation, visualization of memory regions, and improved alignment with MCUXpresso IDE MCU memory settings.
  • Improved support for FlexSPI configuration within the Peripheral Tool
  • Support for new devices and middleware configuration
  • Improved handling of peripheral structure names
  • Support for external memory validation (SEMC/SDRAM and FlexSPI/NOR) UI support for Dark Theme
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